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Differents work by the pupils of Vergt :

Hello friends.
Here are some pictures of the differents works around the project.
Have a good time and have a look on the tubes…

Hello. An overview of the differents working groups :

  • We programmed the robot to detect the object, catch it and we tested it.
  • We classify the tubes for the robot detect them.
  • We […]
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Before the holidays. « We are moving forward » … But there is still work

Hello friends,

Before frebruary holidays we have advance about many points:

-The trip of the robot. As you can see in the video, the robot manages to avoid obstacles and go in the box. (just wait before…For the moment.)

-The impression of « Sagrada familia ». We had a little problem with the 3D printer. The monument has been photocopied only […]

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