Hello to all.

First of all, thank you very much for your presentation. She was very appreciated by the whole class.

I hope you enjoy programming the mBot robot as much as the students of 3C from vergt. 

Exactly, they have a small question to ask you.

I have copied / pasted below an assortment of their writings. They must all have the same meaning. (Well … normally …)

 Emmanuel Mouton

Technology teacher. 

How does your robot warn our robot that it finds the dangerous object (test tube)?
What way?
We play the role of the robot which catches and you the robot explorer.


Hello !

My name is Sanne and I have a question fou you.

How will your robot warn us to say that he found the dangerous objet ?

We play the role of the robot catcher and you the robot explorer.

Bye !

See you soon,



You play the explorer robot and we play the robot which catches the tube.
So how your robot go to indicate the tube to our robot ?


Hello Spanish correspondents,

you play the robot explorateur and we play the robot which pick up.

How do your robot find the dangerous object (the tube)?

How do your robot warn our robot?


Hola cómo estáis ?

Para nuestro proyecto de tecnología, ¿cómo su robot advierte a nuestro robot que ha encontrado el tubo peligroso?

El papel de nuestro robot es atrapar el tubo peligroso.

El papel de tu robot es encontrar el tubo.



Hola amigos,

porque su robot notará a nuestro robot que encontró el tubo. (¿significa?)

¿Por qué promedio? (¿significa?)

Nuestro robot es el robot que atrapa el tubo y el tuyo es el explorador


Manon and Julie

How your robot inform our robot ?
It could communicate with sound sonor.
For exemple : a spanish hit music.


Bastien y Nicolas

Hola amigos

Como vas a advertir a tu robot que as en combrado el objecto .

Nosotros jugamos el rol del robot que te atrapa y el del robot explorador



como su robot advertira a nuestro robot que encontro el tubo peligroso


Hola amigos

Cuando el robot ha tomado el rulio peligroso hara un ruido (cancion,himmo…)