//Latest news about the project

Latest news about the project

Hello friends of Vergt

We have been working a lot on the robot and it works well, but we had to calculate different distances and times to set the right outcome on the way back. We have also been working on the design of the box that the robot will leave the dangerous substance.

Nice to talk to you again. With love from Aoiz.

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  1. élèves-vergt mars 1, 2018 at 1:32 - Reply

    Hello my friends,
    In the beginning of project, we have done like you « calculate different distances and times » in the space.
    But we have realized that the robot was not quite precise in every mouvements.
    All depends on initial conditions, where you put the robot at the start, to where is it oriented etc …
    So we have put black tape on the table, the robot leans on it as if he leaned on a wall.
    Like this the robot get better traject on the table.

    See you soon,
    The class of 3C.

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