Hello friends.
Here are some pictures of the differents works around the project.
Have a good time and have a look on the tubes…

Hello. An overview of the differents working groups :

  • We programmed the robot to detect the object, catch it and we tested it.
  • We classify the tubes for the robot detect them.
  • We made a box with an electric arm so that the robot could go inside.
  • And we made obstacles and decorations representing both countries.


Manon and Julie

¡Holla my amigos!

Tenemos programado el robot para detectar el objeto.
Tenemos coloreamos los tubo para el robot los detectar.
Tenemos fabricado une caja de madera para el robot. Tenemos fabricado objetos representan l’España y la Francia. Tenemos fabricado un brazo para abrir la caja.

Picture 1 and 2 :
We programmed the robot so that it would avoid the obstacles and so that the pliers would catch the tube (the object).

Bots have to catch or push the tube. So me must adapt us to the environement wich will be built by the architects. The gripper will be mounted and the bumper will be draw on sketchup, then it will be build by the 3d printer. Everything will be tested on the table.

Picture 3:
Then, we decorated the table by putting dyes in samples. Those colors represent the flag of the European Union, France and Spain.

For Decorate the table and do staging we have choose different countries like France and Spain. We are  symbolize country with colors and flags and 3D builds.

Picture 4:
We cut the boards to build the box in which the robot will be constituted.

Image 5, 6, and 7 :

You can see the machine cuts materials for an other safety box. (picture 5)
On computers we created and printed in 3D an arm which would open and close the door. In this way, the door would be automatic.

Boost of the teacher for his pupils : Some precisions around the various lexical fields related to our project.

programming, robot, clamp, tube, safety box

bumper, clamp, move, 3D printer, manufactured, drawn,

safety box, manufacturing, assembly, cutting, tools, plain, numerical controlled machine, wood, plastic, door, automated, opening

Decoration, staging, experience, symbolize, present, expose, reconstitute. material, manufacture

communication, foreign language, english, spanish, website, internet