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Communication and production of Children

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Working in the box

By |mars 13th, 2018|

Hello friends,

clearly we are going with some delay, how is our inexperience in robotics projects noticed!

We are working on the box, the explorer robot is already programmed. We will try to share a video at the end of this week.

Greetings from Aoiz

Differents work by the pupils of Vergt :

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Hello friends.
Here are some pictures of the differents works around the project.
Have a good time and have a look on the tubes…

Hello. An overview of the differents working groups :

  • We programmed the robot to detect the object, catch it and we tested it.
  • We classify the tubes for the robot detect them.
  • We made a box with an electric […]

Latest news about the project

By |février 18th, 2018|

Hello friends of Vergt

We have been working a lot on the robot and it works well, but we had to calculate different distances and times to set the right outcome on the way back. We have also been working on the design of the box that the robot will leave the dangerous substance.

Nice to talk to you again. With love from […]

Before the holidays. « We are moving forward » … But there is still work

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Hello friends,

Before frebruary holidays we have advance about many points:

-The trip of the robot. As you can see in the video, the robot manages to avoid obstacles and go in the box. (just wait before…For the moment.)

-The impression of « Sagrada familia ». We had a little problem with the 3D printer. The monument has been photocopied only in 2D ;). our teacher may […]

Question from VergtBot about the design

By |janvier 19th, 2018|

Hello my friends,

For our decoration we are going to print in 3D something that represents, symbolizes, you and us. For France we choose naturally the Eiffel tower.

We want to do the same for you. So we have a question :

Do you prefer that we represent your country or your province ?

And what represents for you your country/province […]